Is governed by elected Board lead by Chairman and assisted by Directors. The day to day affairs of INDCOSERVE are managed by Managing Director, currently of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) cadre, assisted by the General Manager, Deputy General Manager and Industrial Cooperative Officers.

We, “THE INDCOSERVE” (The Tamilnadu Small Tea Growers’ Industrial Cooperative Tea Factories’ Federation Limited, IND-697) is the largest Tea Co-operative Federation in India, with 16 modern Industrial Cooperative Tea Factories and 25,000 Small Tea Growers as its members. Besides producing around 17 Million Kgs of Black Tea, annually, we have warehousing, Bulk Sales, Retail brands, Agri-Implement dealers, Bio-Fertilizer sales, etc. with a collective annual turnover of Rs.134.31 Crores. The stand-alone annual turnover of INDCOSERVE is Rs.34.51 Crores, with a net profit of Rs.0.64 Crores (Audited), during 2017-18.

During the financial year 2018-19, the collective Sales turnover has reached to Rs.158.42 Crores, in which the stand-alone Sales turnover of INDCOSERVE is Rs.44.67 Crores, with a tentative profit of Rs.6.29 Crores.

Our newly launched products, BlueMont and Mountain Rose have won hearts of tea lovers due to its exquisite taste and attractive pricing.

We provide a platform for co-marketing of good quality produce of FPOs, MSME’s, etc.